Thursday, February 03, 2005


The following is a simple assessment of the Bee's cartoons for the month of January. The Bee's sympathies lie exactly where you expect.

I first compared the (i) cartoons commenting on President Bush and/or the policies Bush is promoting with the (ii) cartoons commenting on any democrat and/or distinctly liberal policies. Not included in these numbers are the cartoons that merely poke fun at Bush and/or liberals.

Anti-Bush and anti-Bush policy = 14
Anti-any liberal or liberal policy= 4

Of the three anti-liberal/Democrat finds, 2 were critical of Kevin Shelley, California's Secretary of State. These are not unexpected since Shelley's conduct has been overtly smarmy.

I next compared the cartoons that were (i) distinctly anti-conservative (Bush, policies promoted by conservatives, Schwarzenegger, etc.) and compared them to cartoons that were (ii) distinctly anti-liberal policies. Here is what I found:

Anti-conservative: 22
Anti-liberal: 4

This topic overlaps with the first comparison except that it is much broader. Note the large increase in anti-conservative cartoons and no increase of anti-liberal cartoons.

President Bush's social security reforms received nothing but negative coverage in the Bee's cartoons. There were 4 cartoons that were overtly critical of Bush's social security policy and no favorable coverage.

I thought a trend may be hard to detect since I was told late last year by flunkies pushing Bee subscriptions that the Bee was trying to balance coverage. Hardly.


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