Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Because this blog will be a part-time endeavor, I cannot yet fill it with the in-depth analysis that I would like. For this reason, and because the web is filled with what seems an endless number of perspectives, I would hope that the readers of this blog will contribute with comments to the posts. I am also willing to turn this into a community blog whereby multiple individuals make regular postings. Please contact me.

Although the primary purpose of this blog will be to tee off on the patent biases displayed by the Bee, I also intend to post other items of interest and link to my sister site if non-Bee related items start clogging up this blog.

Although I consider myself an opinionated person, I endeavor to make nothing but the most factually accurate posts I can. Does this mean I'll conduct endless research for every fact I posit here. No. I will be honest, but unfortunately I may not always be accurate. I invite anyone to make corrections and point out my boobery when it happens.


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