Wednesday, January 05, 2005


A January 5th article by Lawrence O'Rourke, Kevin Diaz, and Rob Hotakainen titled "Congress off to fiery start" is a fairly balanced report on the big issues that the Republicans and Democrats will be fighting about. Near the end of piece, the authors charcterize the Republican's suggested change to the filibuster rule. The procedural rule (note: not a constitutionary right; not a statutory right) allows unlimted debate unless 60 of the 100 Senate members vote to stop debate. Republican's floated the idea that they may change the rule to lower the votes needed from 60 to 51, or a simple majority. The Bee characterizes such a move as a "radical change in Senate tradition."

Tradition in this context is good, even if it gives disproportionate power to the minority. Let's see . . . let me think . . . when did the Bee rail against the disproportionate allocation of power held in the hands of the minority. Oh yeah, when it involved Red States.


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