Tuesday, January 18, 2005


An editorial in the January 16 print edition of the Bee reminds me of the elitism that is environmentalism. (Online version) I have been hearing for as long as I can remember that the environment must be saved for everyone to appreciate, especially inner city folks who just don't have the opportunity to see it that often.

The Bee's editorial exudes a giant sigh of relief that the recent hike in the entrance fee has cut down on "drive-by visitors" (read: daytrippers). Who does this fee affect? Not those staying at the expensive hotels or investing several days worth of lodging, travel, and food to visit. Its affecting those who can't afford to do that, and most likely those who least afford it. So much for the concern that everyone should be able to see the beauty of the park.

The editorial gives passing mention to the worry that this entrance fee hike has on low income individuals, but then rationalizes that the fee is less than it would cost to take the family to the movies. Yes, so what. These are two entirely different experiences. But, if it means keeping the roads in Yosemite less clogged for the elite then the rabble can see Yosemite at the movies.


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