Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Let's start with an easy premise: North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il is a total loon. He kidnapped South Korea's most famous actress and her husband years ago and forced his goons to chant that he is a "genius from heaven." It has a history of outright lying to the US and failing to live up to promises.

So with this in mind, why does the Bee say that the most recent talks with the US and a number of other nations (Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, and Russia) have stalled in part because of, you guessed it, George Bush's preoccupation with Iraq. Excuse me. Of course North Korea blames the U.S. in part for the stalled talks. North Korea has also blamed the talks on South Korea. North Korea recently said that it would go to war with Japan if Japan levied sanctions against it. And it was North Korea that did not show up for the last round of talks in September 2004 because it wanted to wait to see if the U.S. elections would change administrations. Perhaps the Bee blames Bush because, well, it puts great weight in the words of Chinese government flunkies who blame Bush.


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