Friday, January 14, 2005


Today's article by Tony Bizjak titled "Fewer limits on housing sought" is, in its totality, a fair article regarding Governor Schwarzenegger's proposal to modify the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). (Online article) The title is misleading because the article does not state that regulations would be reduced, instead the article states how the Governor, legislators, and the private sector wish to streamline CEQA and the time it takes to approve urban projects. In fact, the article states that the Governor's representatives indicate that the Governor does not want to weaken the law.

Although the article is balanced, reporters just can't resist the ominous, negative "tag" at the end of an article which is nothing more than a skeptical view of the Governor's "real" agenda. In this article, the reporter ends the article with a quote from a Sierra Club representative (a very partisan group). The Sierra Club representative states that the Governor's recent comments on the "need to eliminate regulatory hurdles that delay construction" was ominous of things to come: "That is a warning flag to me."

The Bee can't just report the facts. It must inject speculation to induce worry.


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